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ING is a global financial institution of Dutch origin, offering banking, investments, life insurance and retirement services to meet the needs of a broad customer base. Going forward, ING will concentrate on its position as an international retail, direct and commercial bank, while creating an optimal base for an independent future for her insurance and investment management operations.


Art is an essential part of ING's corporate identity and creates a colourful daily work environment at ING office locations worldwide. Art can be seen everywhere at ING: in corridors, conference rooms and office restaurants. Besides collecting art and organizing exhibitions, ING Art Management shares its expertise with Private Banking and Wealth clients on matters such as building a collection, buying and selling art, preserving and restoring.   

ING The Netherlands has been collecting art since 1974 according to a well-defined policy: works of art by Dutch contemporary artists working in the figurative tradition. The concept of contemporary figurative art is broad and it covers a multitude of art movements, media and artists. The collection provides a representative overview of expressionistic, impressionistic and realistic Dutch figurative art. The aim is to present a consistent collection with as much cohesion among individual artists and groups of artists as possible. ING sees collecting art as an emotional investment, not as a financial.

It was back in 1974 that what once was NMB Bank began collecting art. Three years later, a collecting policy was developed with the emphasis firmly on Dutch figurative art from the 20th century, now extended to include the 21st century. After NMB's merger with first Postbank and then Nationale-Nederlanden, two further significant collections were integrated into what would become the ING Collection in the Netherlands.
The collecting policy pursued by Postbank and insurance company Nationale-Nederlanden differed from NMB's policy. While NMB focused on figurative art, the collecting policy of the other two companies was aimed towards photography and abstract work.
By means of several donations, e.g. the Drents Museum in Assen and around 60 health care institutions, the collection has been downsized from 25.000 to 15.000 objects. Hereby the collection follows the developments within the company and is in constant movement.


From the collection
Erwin Olaf

Still life 5, 2008
Lambda print on dibond/plexiglass in wooden frame
141 x 106 cm

Collections June 20, 2016
Open Tuinen Dagen
Collections May 11, 2016
Les nouveaux talents de la photographie
Collections March 8, 2016
De keuze van Lodewikus
uit de ING Collectie
Collections September 10, 2014
Expositie ING collectie in Cobra Museum
Collections December 6, 2013
The Magic of Dutch Realism
werk uit de ING Collectie
Collections December 12, 2012
ING geeft werk in bruikleen
Colourful Minds in Kantoor Kennedy van der Laan
Collections April 14, 2012
Schilderijen en foto’s uit de ING Collectie in Zuiderzeemuseum
t/m 28 oktober 2012
In summary

Collection title
ING Collection

Sanne ten Brink

Head office

Art collection locations
The ING Collection is on display at 900 ING office locations worldwide.

Number of art works
The ING Collection consists of some 10.000 artworks.

Launch year

paintings, photo’s, drawings, graphic art, sculptures,video’s

Focus of collection
-The ING Collection the Netherlands is focused on contemporary figurative art by Dutch artists. -The ING Collection Belgium is focused on Belgian and international contemporary art. -The ING Collection Poland is focused on contemporary Polish art with an emphasis on young and up-and-coming visual and video artists and photographers. -The ING Collection Great Britain is focused on modern figurative painting by British artists.

Guided tours
Upon request. Contact Architectour (020-6259123) for more information.   


Art collection website

- Sanne ten Brink, Magic Realism, Past toward Contemporary, Seoul, Korea, 2012
- Sanne ten Brink & Anne van Lienden, Natuurlijk, Nederlandse figuratieve kunst, 1970-2010, Assen, 2010.
- Flavio Arensi, Annabelle Birnie, Yildith Della Coletta, Caroline Vos, Realismo Olandese, Allemandi & C.Spa, Torino, Italië, 2008
- Michel Tilmant, Annabelle Birnie, Art in the Office, Zwolle, 2006
- Annabelle Birnie, Harry Tupan, Painted Reality, Krakau, Polen, 2004      

Exposition space
ING organizes exhibitions in the ING Cultural Centre in Brussels around  Belgian and international art(ists).    

ING is main sponsor of the Rijksmuseum, Drents Museum in Assen and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Also ING is sponsor of De Ateliers and Museum of Modern Art (Moma) in New York. ING Real Photography Award, 2007.

Works on loan
- Koen Vermeule, Dome, 'High above Ground', Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede, 2012
- Iris van Dongen, Suspicious VI, 'Goddelijk en Griezelig', Afrika Museum, Berg en Dal, 2012
- Sven Kroner, Down by the River, 'Oh crisis # 3', Frankendael Foundation , 2012
- Karel Appel,  Horizon of Tuscany n° 036, 'Studio Toscane', Cobra Museum voor moderne kunst, Amstelveen, 2011
- Barend Blankert, Stoel, 'Mineta au LAC', L'ieu d'Art Contemporain, Sigean, Frankrijk, 2011