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NN Group is an insurance and asset management company active in more than 18 countries, with a strong presence in a number of European countries and Japan. Their roots lie in the Netherlands, with a rich history that stretches back 170 year. Their customers range from individuals and small and medium-sized companies to large corporate and institutional investors. With more than 11,500 employees, NN Group aims to deliver high-quality service and products.

NN Group includes Nationale-Nederlanden, NN (previously known as ING Insurance) and NN Investment Partners (previously known as ING Investment Management). Formerly part of ING Group, NN Group listed as an independent company on Euronext Amsterdam on 2 July 2014.






Art Policy

NN Group aims to make art more accessible for people of all ages and backgrounds, with a focus on the cities where NN Group operates (notably, Rotterdam and The Hague). We value the role of art and culture in society, as we believe art truly inspires and connects with the societies in which we live. As such, NN Group invests in cultural partnerships with Dutch museums and artists. This is reflected by our support of museum exhibitions that appeal to wide audiences, encouraging cultural entrepreneurship and generating art commissions for the institutions' own collections. In addition, starting from 2017 the NN Group Art Award will be granted - an incentive award that showcases the exceptional quality of art education in the Netherlands. Young talents as well as mid-career artists can apply for this award.


NN Group has a corporate art collection that includes over 1,500 art works which are on display throughout NN's office buildings. Prior to the establishment of NN Group as a standalone company, Nationale-Nederlanden accumulated a diverse art collection starting from 1963. Now, the current collection comprises several sub-collections: a unique series of glass art; Dutch figurative art; and art from the New The Hague School. The art collection has changed over time reflecting changes within the company, for example after the take-over of RVS in 1984 and the merger with the NMB Postbank Group, resulting in ING Group in 1991. After separating from ING, NN Group became a standalone company again in 2014, adopting a new brand and a renewed art policy.


From the collection
Esther Tielemans

Performance II, 2012
wall painting, acrylic and epoxy on plywood

Collections February 10, 2018
NN Group Art Award 2018
gewonnen door Pauline Curnier Jardin
Collections November 13, 2017
Jong Talent
Delta Lloyd
Collections January 4, 2017
NN Group Art Award
Collections February 20, 2015
Rotterdam in the picture
Nationale - Nederlanden
In summary

Collection title
Collection NN Group

Els Drummen (sr. Advisor Art and Culture)

Head office
The Hague

Art collection locations
In the offices of NN Group: Delftse Poort (Rotterdam), Haagse Poort (The Hague) and Veluwepoort (Ede)

Number of art works
There are over 1500 items in the collection.

Launch year

Multidisciplinary (glass art, paintings, photography, graphics on paper)

Focus of collection
The collection focus is on work by contemporary artists who have a strong connection with the Netherlands, with regards to their education, residence or workplace. The NN Group arts policy features 'quality ' as a central starting point. Within the corporate collection this means showcasing work that is created with special 'skills' and the experienced craftsmanship of an artist who dares to experiment and encompasses innovative approaches.

Guided tours
On request.


Art collection website

Exposition space
In the NN DE Café in Rotterdam (next to central station) an 18 meter long image wall is offered to Dutch artistic talent and museums. We also look for a link with cultural activities in the city of Rotterdam in our programming for this location. For example, NN Group is partner of the Dutch Photo Museum and De Kunsthal, both located in Rotterdam. The photo wall presentations change on a quarterly basis.  

External presentations
More information about NN Group's museum partnerships and exhibitions can be found on the website. Including more details about the NN Group Art Award.