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The Ahold Art Foundation collects contemporary art on a modest scale since the late nineties. From the year 2000 there is a focus on sculptures that are being exposed in the galleries of the head office of Ahold Europe in Zaandam. The collection policy aims for diversity in artists and materials. The materiality of artworks appeals to the senses. The artworks are often related to man and his daily environment.

The Ahold Art Foundation wants to stimulate contemporary art and increase the awareness and accessibility of art. It does so by purchasing artworks, giving assignments to living artists and exposing artworks for the public. The activities of the Ahold Foundation are aimed to integrate the artcollection in the corporate culture of Ahold.

The collection has been started in 1987 when Albert Heijn celebrates its 100th anniversary. 25 artists were selected and given an assignment to make a series of four works based on the theme 'Daily life'. All works were exhibited in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and employees were invited to choose a work of their own. After years of collecting art for the newly built head offices of Ahold and Albert Heijn the Ahold Art Foundation was founded in 1999 which gave the collection an autonomous status.


From the collection
Heringa van Kalsbeek

Untitled, 2008
mixed media
130 x 110 x 85 cm

Collections May 31, 2015
All! Imitate! Act!
Collections January 31, 2014
Marcel Wanders in het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Ahold expositiesponsor
Collections May 30, 2013
Guilty van Sylvie Zijlmans uitgeleend aan museum het Valkhof
Ahold Kunst Stichting
Collections May 3, 2013
Aernout Mik in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Ahold expositiesponsor
In summary

Collection title
Collection Ahold Art Foundation

Wende Wallert

Head office

Art collection locations
Head offices of Ahold and Ahold Europe in Zaandam, Amsterdam, Geneva and Brussels.

Number of art works
About 650

Launch year

paintings, photos, drawings, graphic art, sculptures and installations

Focus of collection
Contemporary art in the Netherlands.

Guided tours
On request.  


Art collection website

-Nicole Koek (red.), De Collectie. Ahold Kunst Stichting, Zaandam, 1998
-Pierre Jansen, Het dagelijks leven. 100 jaar Albert Heijn, Zaandam, 1987  

Ahold is supporting the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Works on loan
-Tom Claassen, Untitled, 'TOM CLAASSEN' Kunsthal Kade, 2010
-Eja Siepman van den Berg, De Stap, 'Ons soort mensen' Kunstkapel Zuidas Amsterdam, 2010
-Sjoerd Buisman, Phyllotaxis groep, Den Haag Sculptuur, 2005
-Peer Veneman, Atufal, 'Out of Africa', Cobra Museum Amstelveen, 2004-2005