4 oktober 2016

IACCCA international symposium at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Friday November 25, 2016

In 2016 the International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art (IACCCA) celebrates its tenth anniversary as a non-profit association of professional corporate curators. As an active network of corporate curators, IACCCA wishes to commemorate its first decade of sharing best practices by holding an international symposium on the synergies and new perspectives regarding the collaboration between public, corporate and private collections, and between public and private museums. This symposium is open to colleagues in public museums and exhibition centres, in corporate and private collections, as well as to independent curators and critics.

The aim of the symposium is to discuss developments and challenges in the collaboration between art collections in the public and private sector. At a time when public-private partnerships appear to be increasingly frequent and necessary for public organisations, we wish to encourage debate on the meaning and scope of artistic patronage by corporate collections and to discuss the special, at times competitive, relationship these enjoy with public museums.

Congregating art world professionals, from museum directors, curators and corporate executive officers to arts managers, academics and artists, the symposium poses an opportunity to heighten awareness of public and corporate engagement with art and cultural and social programmes, but it also provides an occasion to develop new ways of thinking and improving collaboration between corporate and public art collections.

About the symposium

Over recent decades, corporate contemporary art collections have grown in prominence within the art world. In many cases, their holdings are comparable to those of museum collections in quality, dimension and singularity. Beyond possible rivalries, corporate art collections are increasingly being considered complementary to public museums. Both share the same tasks of preserving, documenting, interpreting and promoting cultural heritage and contemporary creation. At similar levels, both tend to play with cutting-edge art and both commission art works, and yet what matters here is not just the coexistence of both parties in the artistic arena but above all their ways of collaborating. Corporations often sponsor museum programmes, and when they have significant collections of their own, they are usually prepared to contribute to museum displays by providing loans and even by lending complete exhibitions. While public museums may be reluctant to present shows of works from corporate art collections, some are starting to consider the benefits of joining forces. A few museums also gladly accept gifts from corporate collections that, in turn, are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility with art and society and are thus devoting more efforts to bring art to the public through a wide range of innovative programmes.

The symposium will be divided into two sessions, which will discuss different views and visions of how museums and corporate collections can collaborate.

The morning session will be dedicated chiefly to crossover experiences, and museums will be the focal point for discussions. Questions posed to speakers will cover a range of topics including present and future cultural heritage policies, the collaboration between museums, corporations and their collections, and the conflicts of interest that corporations may generate in relation to museums.

The afternoon session will address various aspects of corporate contemporary art collections focusing on their characteristics and activities, their visions and aspirations of collaboration with public institutions. Case studies will explore their impact on the creation of cultural heritage in private hands and the role of companies and individual collectors as patrons of the arts.

Program content

Each session will feature three to four speakers, who will each present a twenty-minute paper. The presentations will be followed by a moderated debate on critical issues among panel members, after which the discussion will be opened to audience participation.



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