Altrecht Art Collection

Altrecht is an agency for mental healthcare with various branches in the center of the country. With a great variety of healthcare workers and types of treatment, Altrecht endeavors to help and counsel people with psychological and psychiatric problems. Altrecht provides clinical and ambulatory mental health care in the central and western part of the region of Utrecht. Altrecht has offices in Utrecht-city, Den Dolder, Nieuwegein, Woerden and Zeist and employs 3.000 workers. Besides Altrecht care provides consultation to fellow professionals and other institutions in the field of (mental) health.


The collection of Altrecht mental health arose from the collections of its predecessors. From the past work was added to the collection through donations and purchases. The collection consists mainly of works by Dutch artists, or artists living in the Netherlands. The collection is not limited to particular disciplines, but contain mainly  two-dimensional works such as drawings, paintings, photographs and graphics. There are also sculptures and a single installation both inside as outside Altrecht's premises. The collection also includes works created by (former) patients.
Since the emergence of the artists' residence 'The Fifth Season' in 1998 Altrecht regularly purchased works of contemporary artists who followed a residency at this residency. Since 2011 the collection focus on 'art and psychiatry'.

Art at Altrecht aims to sweeten the living and working environment of clients and staff. Art contributes to a positive and stimulating atmosphere and thus creates job satisfaction for staff and foster recovery for clients. By collecting and displaying images on psychiatry Altrecht provides a contribution to the variety of images about mental health. With the support of the artists residency 'The Fifth Season', Altrecht offers artists an opportunity to generate new works that deal with mental health and people with mental illness. This supports the philosophy of Altrecht to help reducing the stigma on psychiatric patients. The art collection of Altrecht includes as well works made by talented (ex)patients. By collecting and displaying this art, Altrecht contributes directly to the rehabilitation of patients.

Altrecht ggz was formed in 2000 by it's predecessors the HC Rümke group, RIAGG city of Utrecht and RIAGG Utrecht-West. These organizations arose from a variety of institutions that have their origin in the Willem Arntsz Foundation. This foundation was the second oldest organization in the Netherlands in the field of mental health. It was founded in 1461 by alderman Willem Artnsz. In recent decades, art was collected depending on the arts policy and preferences of the (board of) directors.


Collections December 14, 2014
Ouch, Prescription for pain
Het Vijfde Seizoen
Collections June 24, 2014
Ola Vasiljeva in Het Vijfde Seizoen
Altrecht GGZ
In summary

Collection title
Altrecht Art Collection

Esther Vossen

Head office
Den Dolder

Art collection locations
Altrecht has branches in Utrecht-city, Den Dolder, Nieuwegein, Woerden and Zeist.

Number of art works
Approximately 700 works.

Launch year
De collectie van Altrecht ggz is ontstaan uit de collecties van haar voorlopers H.C. Rümke groep, de RIAGG stad Utrecht en RIAGG Westelijk Utrecht. Vanuit het verleden zijn werken aan de collectie toegevoegd door schenkingen en aankopen.

all disciplines

Focus of collection
Contemporary art, mainly of Dutch artists with a focus on mental health and psychiatry.


Exposition space
None. Art from the collection is located in the public spaces of the buildings. Visitors can view the art in the waiting rooms and other public spaces of Altrecht's venues.

Since the creation of the artist residency ‘The Fifth Season’ in 1998, Altrecht mental health is the main sponsor of this organization. The Fifth Season is an artists' residence on the grounds of one of the branches of Altrecht in Den Dolder. Every three months another artist lives and works at The Fifth Season. During the residency period the artist creates a new work including an accompanying publication, that has a relationship with the patients and psychiatry in general.

Works on loan
-Fransje Killaars, Rookgordijn, 'BETER', Medisch Centrum Haaglanden, Den Haag, 2012/1013.
-Olivia Glebbeek & Evelien Krijl, Een ongestoord gesprek, 'Niet Normaal, Beurs van Berlage', Amsterdam, 2010