DNB Art Collection

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) is the central bank and the prudential financial supervisor of the Netherlands. DNB strives to protect financial stability, and thus to contribute to the lasting prosperity of the Netherlands. The three main elements of financial stability are: low inflation, a safe payment system and the soundness and integrity of financial institutions.



The art collection of De Nederlandsche Bank is characterised by its free-spirited and contemporary outlook. Numbering over 1,200 works covering several disciplines and styles, the collection offers an accurate representation of today's major developments in the visual arts. De Nederlandsche Bank collects high-quality recent works by both Dutch and international artists, including, for instance, Marlene Dumas, Robert Zandvliet, Jan Andriesse, Matthew Monahan and Thomas Houseago.

Art policy
Despite its relatively modest budget, DNB aspires to build a collection that faithfully reflects the current state of the visual arts. New trends and young, talented artists are closely monitored, with special attention to works that signal a new development in an artist's oeuvre. The scope of DNB's art collection ranges from glass objects to video art and from sculpture to painting.

De Nederlandsche Bank's art collection has its roots in the early twentieth century. In 1905, DNB purchased a painting by the Amsterdam impressionist George Hendrik Breitner. In those early days, art was acquired only to embellish the rooms of executive directors and other representative spaces.

In 1982, the Governing Board decided to put the formation of DNB's art collection on a more permanent footing. An Art Committee composed of staff was installed and mandated to pursue DNB's art policy on a set budget and according to a stated purchasing policy: to acquire art by young and talented artists from the Netherlands and elsewhere. Henceforth, the art collection was employed to give aesthetic enhancement to the premises and to enable employees make their workspace more agreeable.


From the collection
Sarah van Sonsbeeck

Silence is Golden But this is No Silence, 2012
gold leaf and pencil on paper
89 x 93 cm

Collections November 12, 2018
Wineke Gartz
De Nederlandsche Bank
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Margriet Luyten & de kunstbemiddelaars
De Nederlandsche Bank
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50 jaar Duintjer aan het Frederiksplein
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De Nederlandsche Bank
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Art Coming Out - All Colours of the Rainbow
De Nederlandsche Bank
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In summary

Collection title
DNB Art Collection

Alexander Strengers (chairman of the Art committee), Aad Carp, Marco Engel, Petra Hielkema, Donald Ogilvie, Gisella van Vollenhoven en Sander de Wit

Head office

Art collection locations
The collection is distributed through the offices of DNB in Amsterdam.

Number of art works
Approximately 1250

Launch year
Early 20th century

All media

Focus of collection

Guided tours
Lectures and tours of the exhibition space may be applied for at kunstcommissie@dnb.nl or +31 (020) 524 21 83. Visitors to DNB premises must show proof of identy.  


Art collection website

- Alexander Strengers, In Zicht, Overwegingen bij de collectie van De Nederlandsche Bank, 2014
-Céline Ariaans, Ann Gimpel, Christina Leber, Janina Vitale (eds.), DZ Bank (Kunstsammlung), A Touch of Dutch, Exhibition catalogue, Frankfurt am Main, 2010
-Gert Eijkelboom, Margot Selders, Alexander Strengers, Claudine de With (eds.), Eigenlijk Eigentijds, uit de kunstcollectie van de Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam, 2000

Exposition space
Exhibitions by De Nederlandsche Bank in its own designated art space rotate every six weeks. They are sale exhibitions which often showcase artwork by young artists. Thus DNB offers young and talented artists a stage for their current work. The exhibitions are open to the public, by appointment only. Appointments can be made via kunstcommissie@dnb.nl or +31 (020) 524 21 83. Visitors to the DNB premises will be asked to identify themselves.  

DNB pursues a restrictive support policy.

Works on loan
-Various works to IMF in Washington-Various works to AMF in Amsterdam
-Erik Andriesse, Lelie, God save the Queen, Kunst, Kraken en Punk 1977-1084, 2012, Centraal Museum, Utrecht
-Gijs Frieling, Het ontstaan der soort, Cobra Kunstprijs, 2009, Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Amstelveen
-George Hendrik Breitner, Rokin, 1896, 'From Rembrandt and Van Gogh to Contemporary Artists - The Glory of Dutch Arts', 2009, Hotel Okura, Tokyo & 'Breitner', 1994-1995, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
-Jan van Kessel, De Dam met het Stadhuis, 1668, ''From Rembrandt and Van Gogh to Contemporary Artists - The Glory of Dutch Arts', 2009, Hotel Okura, Tokyo
-Robert Zandvliet, Untitled, 2001, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam & Kunstmuseum Luzern, Luzern