KPMG Art Collection

KPMG the Netherlands (approx. 3.200 employees) offer audit, advisory and tax services (KPMG Meijburg & Co). We advise our clients on performance improvements, risk management, transactions and we perform audits.
We have thirteen offices in the Netherlands. Our client base is diverse: large national and international organisations, small and medium-sized entities, non-profit organisations, governmental and semi-governmental organisations.
Worldwide, KPMG operates in over 156 countries and has more than 152,000 staff members.


The KPMG art collection is an embellishment of the office interiors and creates a pleasant working environment. It also serves as a means of communication by displaying the works of art in external exhibition or on loan.
The board of the Foundation consist of KPMG partners and one external board member. The board stresses the importance of the collection by displaying the works of art in all KPMG offices. Besides our own collection, the Foundation rents art works at two major, national art companies. These works complete our own collection.

Art policy
The art collection consists of works from contemporary, young and promising artists who have a relation with the Netherlands either by working there or because they finished their studies in the Netherlands.

Since 1990 KPMG has been collecting works of art. Since 2006 the art policy has been carried out by separate foundation within the KPMG network.

From the collection
Marleen Sleeuwits

Interior no. 31, 2011
122 x 150 cm

In summary

Collection title
KPMG Art Collection

Moniek van den Berg-Elstgeest & Elzemieke de Bruijn

Head office

Art collection locations
Our collection is on display in all offices in the Netherlands.

Number of art works
Over 300 art works.

Launch year

all disciplines

Focus of collection
Contemporary, young and promising artists who have a relation with the Netherlands. In addition, the art work should fit in with KPMG's core values.


Art collection website

Kunstcollectie KPMG, 2014 KPMG Kunstcollectie, Een kijkje in de keuken, 2012.

Works on loan
- Gijs Frieling, De Spar, exhibition 'Vernacular Painting', Cobra Museum, Amstelveen, 2009.
- Barbara Polderman, Staand meisje, exhibition 'Wonderland, Through The Looking Glass', Kunsthal, Amersfoort, 2009.
- Barbara Polderman, Staand meisje en leeuwin met welp, tentoonstelling 'Home is where the heart is', Het Valkhof Museum, Nijmegen, 2010.
- Marleen Sleewits, Interior no 31, Vishal, Haarlem, 2016