Twynstra Gudde art collection

Twynstra Gudde is an independent and leading management consultancy agency. Our core competences are project and programme management, change management, organisational science and collaborative engineering.


The collection of works of art consists of contemporary art.

A different view, an unusual approach

Our art reveals who we are and shows our view of the world, of other organizations and ourselves.
In our field the way to look at things is important: seeing what others don’t see. It is easy to run one’s eyes over the beauty of an organisation and seduce oneself into ‘making it better’. However, it is far more difficult to deal with tricky questions. To recognise that not everything is makeable, to pay attention to the drawbacks of our control-oriented thinking and acting.
Change management is one of our core competencies. Change, however, never occurs automatically, nor are its origins ever the same. Change always needs ‘something’ different, something odd, may be a threat. Our art appeals to an imagination that enables us to overcome our limitations. Talking about art, to one another and to our clients, talking not only about beauty but also about dark things appeals to the human ability enticing one another into viewing things differently and developing a joint sense.
Our work is often about development and growth. This is also true for our art collection:  we show certain artists’ development and give them a free rein. What’s more, we search for possibilities to connect creating art with things happening in the world around us, far away and close by.
Our art is beautiful or not. Good or bad. Gripping, reassuring. Or otherwise. We use our art as a medium to talk to one another, to our clients and others about things we are concerned with, consider valuable; about what we want, what we are afraid of.
Thinking and acting are important aspects of our work. Our ideas of thinking differently are focused on finding the best solution or right advice. Different views might help us to develop a critical attitude toward ourselves, our work, our world. And also to find the courage to be unusual and to make a difference. Our art is an exponent of all this.

When Twynstra Gudde moved into its new headquarters in 1991, the organization began building its art collection. Over the years, works have been bought from the same group of artists.

Collections April 20, 2018
Kunst in Bedrijf - Zichtbaar
Twynstra Gudde
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In summary

Collection title
Twynstra Gudde art collection

Anneke Mensink

Head office

Art collection locations
Amersfoort and The Hague

Number of art works
around 180

Launch year

all disciplines

Focus of collection
modern Dutch art

Guided tours
On request.


Art collection website

-Illustratie van een gedachte, kunst als inspiratiebron, Cruise Terminal Rotterdam, 2001
M. Berendse, Achter gesloten deuren: Kunst hoort onder de mensen. Verrassende keuzes bij Twynstra Gudde. Lucas X, 2005
-J. Versteegh, Andere kunst, Gewoon doen. De moedige kunstcollectie van Twynstra Gudde, Business Gooi Eemland, 2005
-K. Ankerman, Toegevoegde waarde. Het ernstige zusje van Zeeuws Meisje, Het Financieel Dagblad Bijlage, 2008
-M. Moor, Verhulde onthulling. De ontstellende werking van kunst in organisaties. Humanstiek nr. 35, 2008

Exposition space
There are several expositions in the hal of Twynstra Gudde.

Works on loan
-Johan Nieuwenhuize, 'Profile Pictures', Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, 2012
-Ad Gerritsen, 'Onthulde Verhulling', Stedelijk Museum Zwolle, 2010
-Ad Gerritsen, 'Theater van de Kunst', Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht, 2001