HelloFlex group (ArtService foundation)

HelloFlex has been focussing on the complex world of temporary staffing for nearly 20 years now. HelloFlex is a leading developer of cloud software for customers who are active in the flexible labour market. Sourcing technology usually entails individual solutions for specific problems. HelloFlex is the first company in the temporary staffing industry to provide integrated tools that comprise all conceivable solutions.

Over a 100 experienced online marketeers, enterprise software engineers and data mining specialists are actively developing the HelloFlex platform.

HelloFlex offer the following intelligent tools:

  • HelloFlex | sourcing software
  • FlexService | corporate software for customers in the temporary staffing industry
  • PSC | backoffice services, exclusively for employment intermediairies
  • FlexNieuws | 360° news focussed on the flexible labour market
  • SharpMinds | teams of experienced software engineers

Over a 1.000 organisations are currently using one or more HelloFlex tools.




Contemporary international art with an accent on The Netherlands

The ArtService Foundation is a personal collection challenging of modern art, with focus on craftsmanship.

The origin of the collection lies in the upbringing of the owner. Modern art was strongly present. This urge to collect is continued and has resulted in a private collection.


From the collection
Carolein Smit

Wolfman, 2012
57 cm

In summary

Collection title
HelloFlex group (ArtService foundation)

Han R. de Groot, Rinske Koning

Head office

Art collection locations
Hilversum, Laren

Number of art works

Launch year

paintings, photos, graphics, sculptures, videos

Focus of collection
Contemporary international art with an accent on The Netherlands.


Art collection website

Exposition space
The Head Office in Hilversum.

Occasionally HelloFlex group sponsors artists like Erwin Olaf and we have sponsored Art Rotterdam for the past three years.

Works on loan
Ruud van Empel, Generation # 3, 2011", Museum dr. Guislain, "Kind in gevaar, kind als gevaar", 01/10/ 2011 - 20/05/2012