Menzis art collection

Menzis is one of the Netherlands' large health care insurance providers, with offices in Wageningen, Groningen, Enschede and The Hague. The Menzis group, comprising Menzis, Azivo and AnderZorg, insures 2.1 million people and employs 2,100 staff at offices in Arnhem, Groningen and Twente. Menzis is a nonprofit cooperative. The members' council, a representative body of policyholders, is the highest organ.
Menzis promotes its clients' interests in the health care field. We work to keep quality care affordable and accessible for everyone. We make agreements with health care providers based on our customers' needs. Our goal is providing care of outstanding quality; at the same time, we take responsibility for helping to keep health care costs under control.

Menzis does this through a combination of:
- involving, informing and advising its customers with respect to maintaining and promoting good health;
- where appropriate, arranging access to timely quality health care and related services for its customers; and - where necessary, organising health care and related services for its customers.




The Menzis art collection is made up of contemporary works by Dutch and Netherlands-based artists.

Art policy
Art is an experience, not an investment! This philosophy lies at the heart of Menzis's art policy, making room for a range of artistic expressions that are concerned first and foremost with human experience. At Menzis, people come first, and Menzis's art policy honours this position. It encompasses four core values: experience, care, nature and innovation. Menzis's art policy pays special attention to supporting young talent and initiatives focusing on social engagement and responsibility. It concentrates on professional artists living in the Netherlands and in other places where Menzis has interests or representation. We encourage and follow their development without imposing limitations in terms of discipline, style or technique.


From the collection
Anya Janssen

But whatever it was, it came out of the trees 7, 2010
oil on canvas
80 x 100cm

In summary

Collection title
Menzis art collection

Mr Bert Kleijweg, Ms Ria Hoekzema

Head office

Art collection locations
The collection is distributed across four main locations in the Netherlands: Wageningen, Enschede, Groningen and The Hague (Azivo).

Number of art works
Approximately 75, of which approximately 20 are part of the core collection.

Launch year

all disciplines

Focus of collection
Contemporary fine art from the Netherlands.


Menzis Jong Talent is an annual exhibition platform for degree candidates at selected art academies linked to the cities where Menzis has offices: Academie Minerva in Groningen; ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Enschede, Arnhem and Zwolle; and the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Menzis’s art advisors choose five to seven artists in each location, following the criteria set out in the art policy. Their works are exhibited in Menzis’s buildings for six weeks, and employees at each location vote online to decide which should be purchased. Through this programme, Menzis stimulates talented young artists in their creative development as well as their future professional practice. Through undertaking this initiative on behalf of a new generation of artists, Menzis seeks to demonstrate its social engagement in the cultural field.

Works on loan
Anya Janssen, The Shapeshifter and But Whatever, 'The Shapeshifter', Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem, 2012