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The Practice
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The Practice ‘Take 3’, 2008
styrofoam, pigmented polyurethane foam, customized Europallet
162 x 85 x 80 cm

Aegon — Folkert de Jong

  • The Practice

    The Practice ‘Take 3’, 2008
    styrofoam, pigmented polyurethane foam, customized Europallet
    162 x 85 x 80 cm

  • De Vogelman, 2001
    stainless steel, stone
    175 x 180 x 75 cm

  • Sculpture garden Leeuwenborg, redesigned with several sculptures, cultural heritage, AEGON-collection
    design by Eugène Terwindt, 2006

  • Blumensucht, 2004
    acrylic on canvas
    200 x 150 cm

  • Paar

    Paar, 1999
    wood, douglas fir, paint
    170 x 40 cm, ø 80 cm (2x)

  • Zonder titel

    Untitled, 1998
    glass, clear and sandblasted
    66 x ø 73 cm (2x)

  • Zonder titel

    Untitled, 2008 / Untitled (chair-object), 2008
    polysterene balls, PVA pigment
    200 x 160 x 36 cm / 127 x 72 x 68 cm

  • Lonely feelings on landing

    Lonely feelings on landing, 2005
    bronze stone / bronze
    70 x 128 x 82 cm / 265 x 107 x 101 cm

  • Catalogus

    Aegon Art Collection Catalogus, 2010
    372 pages, design: Puntspatie [bno]
    372 pagina’s, ontwerp: Puntspatie [bno]

  • Ideal

    Ideal Living II, 2002
    120 cm x ø 76 cm

  • Zonder titel

    Untitled, 2000
    90 x 80 x 40 cm

Aegon Art Collection


Throughout their working lives and into retirement, millions of people around the world rely on AEGON to help them secure their long-term financial futures. As an international life insurance, pension and asset management company, AEGON has businesses in over twenty markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia. AEGON companies employ approximately 25,000 people and serve nearly 47 million customers across the globe.  AEGON uses its strength and expertise to create added value for customers, shareholders, employees and the wider community. AEGON does this by encouraging innovation and by growing its businesses profitably and sustainably.

The past few years Aegon has paid a lot of attention to expand the core collection in which art forms a reflection of the time at which it is collected. High qualified art, which gives Aegon as well internal as external profile as a company who feels responsibility for the development of art in the society. "You cannot function in a society without culture" states to Aegon's CEO Alex Wynaendts in an interview with Ad's-Gravesande in 2010 for Aegon's art book entitled 'Art for Sure'.

Art policy

While previously only two-dimensional art was collected, the renovation of the head office Mariahoeve in The Hague created from that moment an environment for three-dimensional art. Although art is collected in a wider perspective from a view of different disciplines, the portrayal of people and nature themes can be observed running through the collection.
Art at Aegon is not just an exclusive affair for connoisseurs and enthusiasts, but is also open and a surety for everyone who sees art as a source of inspiration for thinking and acting creatively.


Aegon and Art is like a cultural heritage of Aegon's predecessors and shows that already in the fifty's visual artists were commissioned for special art commissions appropriating to the building. This tradition continued in 1985 with two extraordinary integrated art commissions for Aegon's head office in The Hague.
Even for Aegon's new office in Leeuwarden (1989) the American artist Sol Lewitt became a very special art commission for a wall drawing with the spectacular size of 12h x 35w meters. These experiences, working with high qualified artists, were one of the reasons for Aegon to professionalize an art policy and in 1991 an external advisor was appointed. Since 2010 Aegon's head office in The Hague is totally renovated, restyled and designed in a more modern and transparent building supporting the philosophy of the company "Transparency." This also has its influence literally at the art policy.

Collection title
Aegon Art Collection
Lianne Schipper
Head office
The Hague
Art collection locations
Head office Mariahoeve The Hague, and Leeuwenborg office Leeuwarden
Number of art works
2.000, of which more than 20% make up the core collection.
Launch year
all disciplines
Focus of collection
Wide, with an accent on human beings and nature.
Guided tours

Limited possibility for guided art tours in the office Mariahoeve The Hague


Corrie van der Veen/Ad 's- Gravesande , Carel Blotkamp, Art for Sure/Aegon Art Collection, Den Haag, 2010


Aegon’s donations programs are aimed at serving and strengthening the wider community, and creating a better quality of life for their beneficiaries. Most of Aegon’s donations are managed by individual country units. Aegon’s aim is to ensure that a majority of the company’s donations are focused on three priority areas: health, welfare and literacy.

Works on loan

-Aukje Koks, Undertones, 'What’s up', Dordrechts Museum, 2011-2012
-Gé Karel van der Sterren, Untitled, 'NAT', Gemeente Museum Helmond , 2010-2011
-Katinka Lampe, Untitled, 'Kate, Bob & Luca', Kunsthal  Rotterdam, 2010
-Folkert de Jong, The Practice ‘Take 3’, Ons soort mensen’ Kunstkapel Zuidas Amsterdam, 2010
-Han Schuil,  Gobschmack V, 'Crashed and Gobsmacked', Museum Jan Cunen, Oss, 2009

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