Gasunie art collection

Gasunie is a European gas infrastructure company (approximately 1700 employees). Gasunie's network ranks among the largest high-pressure gas transmission networks in Europe, consisting of more than 15,000 kilometres of pipeline in the Netherlands and northern Germany, dozens of installations and approximately 1,300 gas receiving stations. The annual gas throughput totals approximately 125 billion cubic metres. Gasunie is the first company offering independent gas transport with a cross-border network in Europe. Gasunie strives to reach the highest standards of safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability. The reliability and strategic location of Gasunie's transport network, which is accessible to growing international gas flows, are contributory factors towards its network being the heart of the 'gas roundabout' of Northwest Europe.


At the moment, the collection of art works within Gasunie mainly consists of contemporary national art.

Art policy
To bring employees into contact with art by such activities as organising, a couple of times a year, an exhibition of a contemporary artist who is alive and living in the Netherlands or organising a themed exhibition where artists display work showing activities loosely connected to Gasunie.

Since 1984, Gasunie has built up an art collection of around 1800 works.


From the collection
Aaron van Erp

The man tasting soup, 2008
oil on canvas
140 x 171 cm

Collections November 23, 2013
Around the corner is the forest
Collections March 1, 2013
Bruikleen Jan Worst
Today Art Museum Beijing
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In summary

Collection title
Gasunie art collection

C.S. Pisuisse

Head office

Art collection locations
Most of the art collection is held at the head office. The remaining works are shared among the other offices and various other locations such as compressor stations.

Number of art works

Launch year

all disciplines

Focus of collection
In particular, contemporary artists who are alive and living in the Netherlands.

Guided tours
There are no guided tours in principle. Two or three times a year Gasunie opens its doors on a Sunday afternoon to present a new exhibition. Anyone interested can then visit the new exhibition which will be on display in the head office lobby and at the same time there will be a lecture focussing on the exhibition concerned in the PR room.


Art collection website

-Kunst op de werkplek: het hoe en waarom van de kunstcommissie van Gasunie. Groningen, 1988. (Art in the Workplace: the whys and wherefores of Gasunie's art committee, Groningen, 1988 )
-Chris de Boer, Uit de kunst bij Gasunie, Groningen 1992 (Amazing Art at Gasunie, Groningen 1992)
-Chris de boer, Jan Hekman (ed.), Bovengronds bezit: vijftien jaar kunst in de werkomgeving, Groningen 1997 (Assets above the pipelines: fifteen years of art in the working environment, Groningen 1997)
-Liesbeth Grotenhuis, Geert Pruiksma, Sieraden voor het gebouw, het gebouw voor sieraden: de Gasuniecollectie in Museum de buitenplaats, Groningen 2004 (Adorning the building, protecting the prizes: the Gasunie collection in the Museum de buitenplaats) (published for the exhibition of the same name).
-Chris de boer, Liesbeth Grotenhuis, Illand Pietersma, Kunst is zilver, gas is goud: 25 jaar Kunstcommissie en 50 jaar Slochteren gas, Groningen 2009 (Art is silver, gas is gold: an Art Committee for 25 years and Slochteren gas for 50 years, Groningen 2009 (published for the exhibition of the same name).  

Exposition space
The central lobby in the Groningen head office. Two or three exhibitions are organised every year. As well as solo exhibitions, sometimes there are also themed exhibitions in which the artists display work showing activities loosely connected to Gasunie.
The work is usually for sale to both Gasunie employees and external visitors, but may also consist of items on loan.  

In June 2011 the Gasunie art prize was awarded. This was a one-off event in honour of 50 years of Groningen gas and 25 years of the Gasunie Art Committee. Young artists under 30 from the Netherlands and Germany were eligible to compete for this prize which was designed to boost their further development. There were 95 entries of which 16 were nominated. There were two prizes of 10,000 euros each, one to be awarded by a panel of judges and the other one by the public. Gasunie employees and visitors to the event on 26 June could cast their votes for the public prize. The panel of judges’ prize went to Jasmijn Visser and the public prize to Esther Nienhuis.

Works on loan