Stichting Beheer SNS REAAL

  • Nadia Naveau
  • Anything but homeless
  • Mariëtte Linders
  • Nik Christensen
  • Ronald Noorman
  • Veron Urdarianu
  • Shelagh Keeley
  • Marjolijn van den Assem
  • Claire Harvey
  • Joseph Semah
  • Marijn Akkermans
Le salon du plaisir
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Le salon du plaisir, 2007
ceramics, wood, plexiglass
185 x 170 x 420 cm

Stichting Beheer SNS REAAL — Nadia Naveau

  • Le salon du plaisir

    Le salon du plaisir, 2007
    ceramics, wood, plexiglass
    185 x 170 x 420 cm

  • Anything

    Anything but homeless, 2006
    Catalogus, 256 pagina’s, gebonden in linnen band met stofomslag, ontwerp: Puntspatie [bno]

  • Drie

    Drie, 1995
    oil, charcoal, ink on paper
    280 x 150 cm

  • A new way to work

    A new way to work, 2011
    sumi ink on paper
    252 x 182 cm

  • Zonder titel

    Untitled, 2011
    charcoal, pastel on paper
    42 x 30 cm

  • Break Out

    Break Out, 2011
    mixed media, foam, plastic, paint, metal
    135 x 96 x 100 cm

  • An Encyclopaedia of Memory and Slowness IV

    An Encyclopaedia of Memory and Slowness IV

  • Denkbaar

    Denkbaar 12, 2001
    pencil, ink, oilpastel, staples on paper
    190 x 125 x 35 cm

  • Untitled

    Untitled, 2011
    oil on plastic sheet with sticky tack
    4 x 2 cm

  • In Memory of a Sacred Tree

    In Memory of a Sacred Tree,1987
    22 drawings, ink on paper, plexiglass, wooden frame
    27 x 33 cm

  • Don't Look Back, 2008
    Coloured pencil and ink on paper
    175,8 x 129 cm

NOG Collection


Stichting Beheer SNS REAAL is the former majority shareholder of SNS REAAL N.V.
The foundation charter specifies two objectives:

  • Looking  after the interests of SNS REAAL N.V., including all related to that party
  • Financial supporting social and cultural projects, implemented by SNS REAAL Fonds

Because of its homelessness, the NOG Collection has to conquer its position again and again. Hence its name: 'Homeless collection'. On a regular basis the art objects are lent by cultural organisations, art organisations as well as museums.

In 1994 art collector Frits Brecht was appointed to start the NOG Collection. He expanded the NOG Collection by acquiring art objects as he would deem interesting to collect for himself.
As from 2001 curator Corrie van der Veen has stepped into his footsteps following the same directive (collect as if for your own), increasing the collection to approximately 500 objects, created by 105 different artists.

Former general director NOG Verzekeringen, Ton Boersma, initiated collecting contemporary art objects. By doing so, he referred to the motto of the Nederlands Onderwijs Genootschap in its year of installation(1863): 'doing something, to prevent nothing happens'.
The intention of creating a 'homeless collection', incorporated its goal to

  • make the collection available to museums and expositions,
  • be displayed for a shorter or longer period,
  • be supplementory to museumcollections.

Collection title
NOG Collection
Nicole Theeuwes
Head office
Maliebaan 12, Utrecht
Art collection locations
The NOG Collection is not limited to one, fixed, location. The collection is hence called a 'Homeless collection'. Its main goal is to enable various organisations to display the NOG Collection.
Number of art works
approx. 500
Launch year
paintings, photo's, drawings, sculptures
Focus of collection
Broad range, with an accent on drawings.
Art collection website
  • Corrie van der Veen,  Bert Koopman, Anything But Homeless, NOG Collectie , 2006
  • Roel Arkesteijn, Corrie van der Veen,  Brieven uit Arcadia, Centraal Museum, Utrecht, 2007
  • Frits Becht, Frits Bless, Ton Boersma, NOG Collectie, Van Reekum Museum Apeldoorn, 1996


Exposition space




On a yearly basis Stichting Beheer SNS REAAL makes  a budget available to SNS REAAL Fonds, allowing the latter to support various social and cultural projects. Donations have i.e. been made available to Prix de Rome, the Teekenschool in the Rijksmuseum and Blikopeners in the Stedelijk Museum. For an project overview.

Works on loan
  • Erik Matthijssen, Donkey Years, 'As large as life, and twice as natural', Museum Jan Cunen, Oss, 2012
  • Frank van Hemert, serie 15 tekeningen Secret survivors, 'Birth Copulation Death', Gustav Lübcke, Museum in Hamm, Duitsland, 2011
  • Helen Frik, Happy With Less Visits The Hard Worker, 'Difficult', Cultureel Centrum CHAPTER, Cardiff GB, 2010
  • Nadia Naveau, Le salon du Plasir, Cultureel Centrum de Garage, Mechelen, België, 2010
  • Shelag Keeley, An Encyclopaedia of Memory and Slowness, 'Miscellanea', Drawingcentrum Kunstvereniging, Diepenheim, 2010
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