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BNG Bank is a relevant financier for local authorities and institutions for housing, healthcare, education, energy and infrastructure in the Netherlands. BNG Bank is a committed partner for a more sustainable society. The bank enables the Dutch public sector to achieve socially relevant objectives.

Sustainable, reliable and professional are core values embraced by BNG Bank. Based on its public role, BNG Bank seeks to be and remain a safe bank that is visible to and distinctive for its stakeholders. Corporate sustainability is a fundamental part of BNG Bank's corporate activities. BNG Bank has an open company culture. The personnel policy focusses on education and development.

BNG Bank regards art and culture of great significance. Therefore, the bank established  the BNG Culture Fund in 1964. The fund supports a wide array of cultural initiatives in the public sector. The art collection at BNG Banks' head office contributes to enhancing the employees' work atmosphere.


BNG Bank began collecting post-1945 Dutch art 20 years ago on the initiative of the chairman of the Board of Directors at the time. In most cases, two or three works by the same artists were acquired. Initially, art (primarily graphic) was purchased and leased with the help of external consultants and in consultation with employees. Today, BNG Bank owns all of the works on display, and purchasing is more targeted. When buying new works, the emphasis is on unique copies purchased from specialty galleries, at auctions in the Netherlands and abroad, or directly from the artist.
BNG Bank primarily collects post-WWII abstract-geometric art in every medium by Dutch artists and other artists who have a proven connection to a Dutch tradition. Special attention is given to artists who are currently or have been involved in designing public spaces, either in theory or in practice, thus aligning the art policy with the BNG Bank’s objectives as a bank. Pauline Bieringa (director of Public Finance) manages the art collection since 2005.


From the collection
Piet Tuytel

Untitled, 1992
105 x 83 x 8 cm

Collections September 11, 2011
Bijdrage cultuurfonds BNG aan tentoonstelling Nul=0 In het Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
van 11 september 2011 t/m 22 januari 2012
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In summary

Collection title
BNG Bank Collection

Pauline Biering, director of Public Finance

Head office
The Hague

Art collection locations
BNG Bank office, The Hague

Number of art works
approximately 600 works

Launch year

all disciplines

Focus of collection
Dutch abstract-geometric art in every medium by post-war artists.

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