All Eyes

30 11 2021

All Eyes


The AkzoNobel Art Foundation has been collecting art for more than 25 years – and that calls for a celebration! ALL EYES is a feast of recognition and promise, with work from the collection’s past and present that shares a contemporary look at the world around us. Works of art fresh from the studio hang side by side with early acquisitions.

In the main gallery of ALL EYES the human being is central. Inevitably, while you feast your eyes, people will be studying you in their turn. Like a boulevard for the flaneur, this gallery runs through the exhibition, showing humanity in all its facets. Via side streets and squares you arrive at works of art from the collection that have never been exhibited next to each other, and which make surprising connections in time, or art works that belong together thematically and works that form small oeuvres. 

Since the development of the collection in 1995 our lives have changed at an alarming rate. For as long as the collection has existed the AkzoNobel Art Foundation has collected works by artists that make the changes in our society visible, questioning and transforming them. Sometimes critically, often full of longing and hope. From painting to textile art and from sculpture to digital media: ALL EYES unfolds as a rich spectrum of images and stories, constantly giving rise to new connections.

AkzoNobel Art Space
Christian Neefestraat 2
1077 WW Amsterdam
Open Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00

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