Data protection on the website

Vereniging Bedrijfscollecties Nederland (VBCN) attaches great importance to your privacy and the correct processing of your personal data.

Without your permission, Vereniging Bedrijfscollecties Nederland (VBCN) will not pass on any information and will not lend out any data from which your identity can be derived to third parties. General data about visitor patterns to the site may be exchanged with professional partners or others, but this is always done in a way that makes it impossible to identify individual visitors.

The website strives to provide the best possible user experience for the surfer. In order to achieve this, anonymous data on user behaviour are kept. The website of Vereniging Bedrijfscollecties Nederland (VBCN) uses "cookies".

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when visiting a website. They are used to distinguish you from other users and to optimise the functionality of the website.

Functional cookies are necessary for the optimal functioning of the website. For example, a cookie remembers your language choice for subsequent visits.

Analytical cookies collect information to gain insight into your surfing behaviour on the website. This information is then used to improve the website. For example, they allow us to analyse which pages are popular and which are not.

With marketing cookies, we keep information to measure the effectiveness of ads and provide personalised ads. For example, a cookie will ensure that you see ads that match your interests.

How to disable cookies?
You can manage your cookies in the settings of your internet browser. You can choose to delete existing cookies and block future cookies. Please note that certain functions or graphic elements may not function optimally afterwards.

How to disable or delete cookies is explained here:

Which cookies does Vereniging Bedrijfscollecties Nederland (VBCN) use?

functional cookies description duration
lang Cookie to save your language choice 1 month
devicePixelRatio This cookie records the pixel ratio of your device. If your screen resolution is retina or Hi DPI, the website may choose to serve you with higher resolution images. session
essential cookies description duration
PHPSESSID Cookie generated by applications based on the PHP language. This is a generic identifier used to maintain user session variables. session
_accept_cookies Cookie that stores your cookie preferences. 1 month
performance cookies description duration
_ga This cookie is linked to Google Universal Analytics. It is used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a customer identifier. It is included in every page request from a site and used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for site analytics reports. 2 years
_gat This cookie is linked to Google Universal Analytics, it is used to limit the number of searches - limiting data collection on high traffic sites. 1 day
_gid This cookie is linked to Google Universal Analytics, it records a unique identifier that allows the collection of static data about the use of the website. 1 day
collect This cookie sends information about the device and behaviour of website visitors to Google Universal Analytics. session

Change your cookie settings

Subject to your consent
We only use optional cookies where we have obtained your prior consent. On your first visit to our website, a banner will appear asking for your permission to place optional cookies. If you give your consent, we will place a cookie on your computer and the banner will not appear again while the cookie is active. At the end of the cookie's life, or when you delete it, the banner will reappear during your next visit to our website and ask for your permission again.

How to avoid the placement of cookies
You can of course use our website without cookies being placed. You can always configure the use of cookies or disable them completely in your browser. However, this may restrict the functions or adversely affect the user-friendliness of our website. You can always refuse the placement of optional cookies by using the relevant refusal option listed on the cookies page.

Who doesn't like cookies?