Engage, Exchange

12 01 2016

Mahmoud Bakhshi, Purple Irises / Saturday, January 26, 2008 / Tehran / Islamic Republic of Iran

Engage, Exchange


DNB's art collection is not only of benefit to its employees, but also to visitors, in inspiring and encouraging a dialogue about the various subjects represented by the works of art. These engaged works revolve around artistic production that engages in a broad range of social, political, historical or economic events, actors or systems.

We have combined works from three Rijksakademie residents, Wu Chi-Yu, Mahmoud Bakhshi and Sam Samiee, with a selection from our existing collection, including works from former Rijksakademie residents. This triggers a dialogue about the events, latent, ongoing or current, that inspire the artists and transpire in their works. Furthermore, this blend of works puts the collection in a new and fresh perspective and contributes to its recontextualisation. Art as a vehicle to convey a message and raise awareness of important issues will be the foundation of the exhibition.

Participating artists: Ronald Ophuis, Tjebbe Beekman, Mounir Fatmi,Aline Thomassen, Chiyu Wu, Sam Samiee, Mahmoud Bakhshi.

Curated by Corine van Emmerik

From January 14 to February 26, 2016

Exhibition in DNB's art gallery
Westeinde 1, Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 20 524 2183
Email: kunstcommissie@dnb.nl.


Visits on business days, by appointment only. Visitors must show valid proof of identity.

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