Organising Control and Order

13 06 2014

foto: Hans van Rhoon



Organising Control and Order


Composite/RSM and  Art Affairs of the Erasmus University Rotterdam welcome you to visit the exhibition Organising Control and Order, by David Adams & Hans van Rhoon, in the Erasmus Gallery of Erasmus University Rotterdam.
The research project "Comparative Police Studies in the EU" (COMPOSITE) is an international, interdisciplinary study   of organizational change in police forces   in Europe led by RSM / Erasmus University.

Scientific publications often fall short when it comes to communicating their insights beyond an academic audience. Therefore a photo project was set up alongside the academic stream of COMPOSITE in order to offer a new form of communication about scientific insights, namely by visualizing the core topics of Diversity, Police Identity, Change and Europe that are fundamental to policing. Photographers David Adams and Hans van Rhoon realized two separate bodies of work reflecting the comparative spirit of the research project. Police Forces in all ten European countries cooperated to capture their specific environments,  and views on policing. The result is a collection of visual police stories (incorporating the topics of special police forces and community policing) and a systematic visual typology of police work in Europe.
Using a visual approach COMPOSITE offers a common language to express the complex topics of diversity and identity that transcend multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, and multi-lingual boundaries.     

Organising Control and Order  13 June - 11 August Erasmus Gallery:  Mon-Fri, 9am - 6 pm. Erasmus Gallery, Erasmus University  Rotterdam, Burg. Oudlaan 50,  3062 PA Rotterdam   For more information, , 

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