The province of Gelderland's art collection

Erik Odijk — Gobelin Canadien, 2008 — pencil and crayon on paper, 72 x 110 cm

Provincie Gelderland


Gelderland is the largest province of the Netherlands and consists of 56 municipalities. The province of Gelderland has its seat in the House of Province in Arnhem. The Queen's Commissioner is the head of both the Provincial Council and the Provincial Executive.
The Province of Gelderland is a governmental organization and as such coordinates, monitors and makes decisions on matters such as urban and country planning, traffic and transport, economy, the environment, recreation, nature and  landscape, culture, welfare, governmental organization and monitoring the regional water authorities and finance of municipalities.
The province of Gelderland employs about 1400 civil servants who work together for a better and more beautiful Gelderland for more than 2 million inhabitants.

The province of Gelderland's art collection encompasses about 2600 artworks, predominantly by Gelderland artists. The artworks are presented in the province's office buildings in Arnhem, in the public space and in the offices of employees.
Several disciplines and movements are represented in the collection. As a result the collection offers a broad overview of forty years of modern and contemporary art in Gelderland. Included in the collection are works by renowned Gelderland artists such as Cees Andriessen, Ad Gerritsen, Robert Terwindt, Maria Roosen, Berend Strik, Erik Odijk, Wouter van Riessen and Roland Schimmel.
Besides contemporary fine art, a collection of applied artworks is also included in the provincial art collection. This collection of objects, such as ashtrays, vases, cutlery and glassware, was especially composed for the 'Gesamtkunstwerk' Huis der Provincie (House of the Province) during its construction in the 1950s.

The province of Gelderland collects, manages and preserves a collection of modern and contemporary art by artists that, in some form or other, have a connection to Gelderland.
The collection policy is in accordance with the province's general policy on fine art. The province considers fine art to be an important contributor to quality of life and the quality of our everyday surroundings. A pleasant and inspiring environment for both visitors and employees is created by presenting fine art in provincial government buildings.
The province aims to contribute to bridging the gap between contemporary art and the general public and wishes to actively support fine art. One of the ways to achieve this is by acquiring artworks for the provincial art collection. These yearly purchases not only stimulate the visual arts in Gelderland, but also contribute to building a collection that offers a complete picture of Gelderland art production through the years. Furthermore, the province enables biennial exhibitions of contemporary Gelderland art that are held at one of the larger Gelderland museums.The provincial art collection supports Gelderland museums and artists that are represented in the collection by participating in art loans to museums both in the Netherlands and abroad. The provincial art collection regularly commissions artists and designers to produce new work.

The province of Gelderland's art collection originated in the second half of the last century. From the 1970s onward the province has been actively building a collection that focuses on contemporary Gelderland art.

Collection title
The province of Gelderland's art collection
Gabrielle de Nijs Bik
Head office
Art collection locations
The core collection is mainly in the provincial government buildings in Arnhem.
Number of art works
about 2600
Launch year
painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawings, prints, photography and applied art
Focus of collection
contemporary Gelderland art
Guided tours

On request.

Art collection website
  • Marlies Hummelen (red.), Standpunt: beeldende kunst- en vormgevingsbeleid provincie Gelderland 2000-2011, Hoog Keppel, 2011
  • Henk Reurslag (red.), Hoogtepunten uit de aankopen voor de provinciale kunstcollectie, Arnhem, 2009
  • Heesch, Anouk van, Document van het moment: Gelderland gefotografeerd, Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen, 2003
  • Henk Meutgeert, Verzamelen voor de provincie, Arnhem, 2001
  • Dan van Golberdinge, Wilma Gosselink, Van Gelre tot Gelderland. 650 jaar besturen van Gelderland: 12 provinciale kunstopdrachten, Arnhem, 1989
Exposition space

Temporary exhibitions of work from the provincial art collection are held two times a year in the hall of the House of Province in Arnhem.

  • Biennale Gelderland, a festival or exhibition that is organised every two years, that is all about contemporary Gelderland art, 14 september -29 oktober 2012
  • Redesign of the monumental Arnhem Sabelspoort by Willeke Evenhuis, 2012
  • Commission documentary photography: from 1996 on the province of Gelderland practically annually commissions a documentary photography project to record an important aspect of Gelderland and its inhabitants
  • Commission: Erik Odijk, Gobelin Canadien, tapestry wall hanging for the Wijsmanzaal in the House of Province, 2009
Works on loan
  • Jaap Kroneman, Gestolen Kreidler, 'Jaap Kroneman Gelders balkon 17: Alleen voor de meisjes/ Jaap Kroneman Gelders balkon 17: Just for the girls', Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Arnhem, 2012
  • Erik Odijk, Gobelin Canadien ,' Gust van der Wall Perné: Nieuwe Kunst rond 1900/ New art around 1900', CODAMuseum, Apeldoorn, 2011
  • Hjalmar Riemersma, Rode Zwitserse trein and  Haus der Jäger,' Vanaf hier de Alpen/ From here on the Alps', Koornmarktspoort, Kampen, 2011
  • Mirjam Kuitenbrouwer,Oog (met kopstation in lens), 'One-Way Mirror', Museum Jan Cunen, Oss, 2009
  • Charlotte van Pallandt, bust of prinses Juliana, long term loan, National Museum Paleis het Loo, Apeldoorn, as of 2007


Provincie Gelderland

  • Barbara Polderman
  • Levi van Veluw
  • Maurits Cornelis Escher
  • Ad Gerritsen
  • Erik Odijk
  • Piet Slegers
  • Rob Voerman
  • Robert Terwindt
  • Dieuwke Spaans
  • Rosemin Hendriks
Open de Gallerij

Vrouw paarden, vrouw hoed 130, 2007
mixed media
180 x 50 x 50 cm

Provincie Gelderland — Barbara Polderman

  • vrouwpaardenvrouwhoed

    Vrouw paarden, vrouw hoed 130, 2007
    mixed media
    180 x 50 x 50 cm

  • blocks

    Blocks, 2007
    lamdaprint on dibond, perspex
    60 x 50 cm

  • luchtenwater

    Lucht en water, 1938
    44 x 43 cm

  • dooreengerechtgerichtteleidenmetbeleid

    Door een gerecht gericht te leiden met beleid, 2003
    acryl on canvas
    207 x 257cm

  • gobelincanadien

    Gobelin Canadien, 2008
    pencil and crayon on paper
    72 x 110 cm

  • voorzittershamer

    CDK hamer, 2007
    9 x 35 x 9 cm

  • worldview

    Worldviews, 2003
    linoleumblock-printing, screenprint and watercolour on paper
    199 x 175 cm

  • regenten

    Regenten, 1989
    oil on canvas
    207 x 180 cm

  • landscapeII

    Landscape II, 2011
    mixed media and collage on paper
    146 x 159 cm

  • zondertitel

    Untitled, 2011
    charcoal, colorpencil and pastel conté on paper
    102 x 60 cm

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