Kindred Spirits - the ideas of 24 artists

03 10 2013

Navid Nuur
Rabo Art Collection.


Kindred Spirits - the ideas of 24 artists


On October 1st, the Rabo Art Zone opened its new group exhibition Kindred Spirits. For the first time 55 conceptual artworks by 25 leading artists from the Rabo Art Collection are displayed together in the Rabo Art Zone. With Kindred Spirits Rabobank does not only provide access to a wonderful art collection, but also discloses the third theme around which the Rabo Art Collection is built: that of conceptual art, art about the idea. Ideas from the sixties and seventies are brought into dialogue with conceptual art from the 21st century.

The artists in the exhibition Kindred Spirits reflect on life and contemplate about very common things like light, a blade of grass, time, respiration or social relations. And they do not merely ask questions, they go and investigate these subjects, sometimes for months or years on end. They shape their ideas, while also making room for new ideas.

The artists from different generations share a certain inquisitive nature, an idea-focused artistic notion. They help us to see the world around us in new ways, and we discover how close the old and young generations get to each other at times. In shape language for instance; in the circles and circle fragments by Ad Dekkers and Navid Nuur, or in the color studies by Jan Dibbets and Olafur Eliasson.

The artists present us with an idea. Hopefully that idea will engender a wealth of new ideas.

Rabobank is proud to have independent thinkers in its collection and to present their works in the Rabo Art Zone. Already in the nineteen eighties, Rabobank started with the acquisition of high-quality conceptual art. In those days, this was a unique move and leading in the Dutch corporate art world. As a result, Rabobank is now able to provide an inspiring image of (predominantly Dutch) conceptual art throughout the years.

The selected artists are:Marina Abramović en Uwe Laysiepen (Ulay) | Jan Andriesse | Marinus Boezem | Harmen Brethouwer | stanley brouwn | Ad Dekkers | Jan Dibbets | Olafur Eliasson | Ger van Elk | Meschac Gaba | Daan van Golden | Sigurdur Gudmundsson | Ni Haifeng | Job Koelewijn | Germaine Kruip | Mark Manders | Pieter Laurens Mol | Jan van Munster | Navid Nuur | Jan Schoonhoven | Peter Struycken | JCJ Vanderheyden | Carel Visser | Guido van der Werve

The group exhibition Kindred Spirits runs from 1 October 2013 t/m 21 March 2014. The Rabo Art Zone is freely accessible and open from Monday till Friday, 8.30am - 6pm. The exhibition space is just a five-minute stroll from Utrecht Central Station, exit Jaarbeurs.

For more information about your visit, please send an e-mail to

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