Winner VBCN OPEN 2017 - 2018

05 12 2017

Mels Evers and Hélène Webers (Photo: Pim Christian)

Winner VBCN OPEN 2017 - 2018


The VBCN (Netherlands Association of Corporate Art Collections) organises a bi-annual Curatorial Open for young exhibition makers, inviting cutting-edge proposals in which corporate collections are adopted as a central point of focus. The proposals of this edition's VBCN OPEN have been reviewed by a judging panel consisting of key members of VBCN in consultation with the winner of the last edition of the Curatorial Open, chaired by Esther Vossen (Altrecht Art Collection and chairing board of VBCN). The proposals have been reviewed on their originality, timeliness and feasibility. The panel has unanimously selected an innovative artistic proposal that holds the potential to attract wide audiences. VBCN is proud to present the winning concept by Mels Evers & Hélène Webers;

Collecting the Future
A utopian future scenario for corporate collections

The experienced curator-duo Evers and Webers has collaborated on multiple exhibitions and artistic projects. Through their exhibition project Collecting the Future, curators Evers and Webers explore the shifting focus of contemporary corporate collections:

"In a time of drastic cultural, economical and political change, the contemporaneity of corporate art collections does not seem self-evident. While large corporations are forced to adapt to a fast changing society, their art collections are questioned and revisited. How do corporate collections contribute to a vital artistic and cultural landscape in The Netherlands? How do larger businesses utilise their social responsibility?"

Evers and Webers propose an ambitious scenario for the future for corporate collections. The exhibition will be accessible to a wide range of audiences and will unfold in several sites simultaneously. The curators will research the collection history of several Dutch corporations and select a series of works with strong links to contemporary society. In close consultation with the artists, these works will be presented in the public domain through so-called "satellite presentations". The selected locations will bear an inherent connection to the works presented. In a central location, a site-specific multimedia installation will be commissioned which will bridge the selected works. The installation will take the form of an empty depot, the absence of the physical works will emphasise their immaterial history. The visitors will be invited to explore the works through an archive of untold stories.

The bi-annual curatorial award VBCN OPEN encourages and supports experimental curatorial practices by inviting inspiring curators to explore a unique platform, offering them access to the large corporate collections in The Netherlands. The third edition will be accessible for the public from December 2018 until April 2019.

The judging panel of VBCN OPEN 2017-2018 consisted of: Chair Esther Vossen (Altrecht art collection, Chair of the board of VBCN), Catharien Romijn (DSM Art Collection), José de Boer (VUmc Art Collection), Sabrina Kamstra (Collection AMC), Sanne ten Brink (ING Collection) and Vincent van Velsen (winner of the last edition of VBCN OPEN).

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