De Grote Kunstshow

20 04 2015

De Grote Kunstshow


The Rabo Art Collection in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

On Sunday, November 30th, the second edition of De Grote Kunstshow (The Big Art Show) was to admire in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. A theater where works from the Rabo Art Collection were shown in an innovative way. During this experience, the classical museum model was reversed. The audience didn't walk between the works; the work was presented in a theatrical manner.

This edition was in the context of Expanding Theatre. The Stadsschouwburg placed amid the actuality. Exploring boundaries, politics, public debate, visual art, film and new media were important topics. Artworks present themselves with light and sound, drama and tranquility, conversation and monologue, or others telling their story, inspired by the artwork. Because whether it comes to the truth, an interpretation or fantasy, behind every work of art is a hidden world. During the show is the recognizable and familiar museum model reversed. The selection of works of art stimulates your senses and makes you crave for more.

Johan Idema developed the concept for De Grote Kunstshow. The show was produced in collaboration with Nina Folkersma, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam and Rabobank Amsterdam. This year De Grote Kunstshow  presented a work of Marlene Dumas, parallel to her exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. At the end of the show was a special presentation of a work of Job Koelewijn. This year again was the Flemish theater producer Lucas Male host of the show. By his smooth talk and special voice he led the audience through the works of art and their stories.

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