Options & Futures - Fiona Tan: Rabo Kunstzone

14 05 2014

Still uit Ghost Dwellings III (2013)

Options & Futures - Fiona Tan: Rabo Kunstzone


Since April 8 the Rabo Art Zone shows the third solo exhibition. The internationally renowned film and video artist Fiona Tan (1966) portrays in Options & Futures a powerful contemporary portrait of what might best be described as the end of an era. That is the current era, where the financial crisis has led to universal socio-political and ideological values are questioned.

The exhibition consists of two parts. In the front room are three monumental photographic installations. The installations are for the first time in the Netherlands and are first shown together. Vox Populi Norway (2004), Vox Populi Sydney (2006) and Vox Populi London (2012), each represent an unofficial portrait of a country or a city on the basis of photographs, taken from private albums and collected by Fiona Tan.

In the back room Tan creates a dramatic architectural metamorphosis; It's a new twist in her oeuvre. New video installations and spatial images included in this carefully orchestrated and enigmatic environment. For her biggest, complex installation she traveled among other things to Detroit (USA), Fukushima (Japan), Cork (Ireland) and Angers (France) to capture social decay and economic devastation. She presents us a sample of her own complex feelings and the communities she encounters in a time of turmoil and tumult. The "system" (the government and large institutions) will no longer be trusted.

The Rabo Art Zone is free, Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 18:00 pm, accessible via the main entrance of Rabobank Netherlands, Croeselaan 18 in Utrecht. For more information visit, admission and guided tours, please email: kunstzaken@rn.rabobank.nl.

08/04/2014 - 19/09/2014
Rabo Art Zone Utrecht
Options & Futures - Fiona Tan

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