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We are a global financial institution with a strong European base, offering banking services. We draw on our experience and expertise, our commitment to excellent service and our global scale to meet the needs of a broad customer base, comprising individuals, families, small businesses, large corporations, institutions and governments. Our customers are at the heart of what we do.

Our more than 52,000 employees offer retail and commercial banking services to customers in over 40 countries. Our strengths include our well-known, strong brand with positive recognition from customers in many countries, strong financial position, omnichannel distribution strategy and international network. Moreover, ING is currently among leaders in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 'Banks industry' group.

We believe all sustainable progress is driven by people with the imagination and determination to improve their future and the futures of those around them. We empower people and organizations to realize their own vision for a better future - however modest or grand. Our purpose therefore is: Empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business.

Since 1974 ING has been engaged in the world of art. We actively collect art for the ING Collection and make exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad as well as in our own exhibition space in Brussels. We also sponsor museums and encourage young and creative talent.

The ING Collection reflects the world around us and displays the figurative tradition of ING in an experimental and innovative way. We aim to collect art by young and established artists who push the boundaries of the tradition of visual arts, the medium or subject-matter. Art is an inseparable part of ING and strongly embedded in our identity: innovative, venturous and modern. Goal of the collection and its activities are to contribute to the culture of innovation and change within ING and beyond.

ING regards the collection as an emotional investment not as a financial one. We purchase artworks that are relevant for ING and which contribute to the innovative and up-to-date character of the ING Collection, now and in the future.

Stimulating talent

Over the past few years our connection with society has become much more important. ING holds a variety of partnerships which encourage young, rising and creative talent, like Creatis in Belgium (supports creative entrepreneurs) and the ING Unseen Talent Award for photography. This initiative offers, besides a production fund for new work, a talent program for young photographers and an international platform. This creates a link between ING, art, culture and society.


The history of the ING Collection dates back to 1974 with the opening of a new head office for NMB (the Dutch bank for SMEs) in Amsterdam. In the course of time, collections were added to NMB's through various mergers and acquisitions.

In 1991 ING was born out of a merger between NMB Postbank Group and Nationale-Nederlanden. This gave way to the ING Collection in the Netherlands. Worldwide additions were made through the merge in 1998 with Bank Brussel Lambert (BBL), the acquisition of Barings Bank in 1995 and the attainment of a majority stake in ING Bank Slaski in 2001.

The separation of the Group's banking and insurance business in 2009 sparked ING Art Management to revise the collection and resulted into an ING Bank Collection and an Insurance Collection.

In 2013 a new collecting policy for the ING Collection was announced. The focus shifted towards international artists who push the boundaries of the figurative tradition and are not averse to experimentation. The collection was reduced from 25.000 to 6.000 artworks, mainly unique pieces.

The ING Collection walks with the international aspirations of ING and reflects its transitions. Over the years the ING Collection transformed into an international corporate art collection constantly on the move. The artworks travel the world, from the New York office to the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, not to be exclusively enjoyed by ING employees, but by a worldwide audience.

Collection title
ING Collection
Sanne ten Brink
Head office
Art collection locations
The ING Collection is on display at 500 ING offices worldwide.
Number of art works
The ING Collection consists of some 6.000 artworks.
Launch year
Paintings, photography, drawings, graphic art, sculptures, videos, textile, installations and multi-media
Focus of collection
ING collects artworks by international art by artists who push the boundaries of the figurative tradition and are not averse to experimentation. The ING Collection Belgium is focused on Belgian and international contemporary art while Poland focuses on contemporary Polish art with an emphasis on young and up-and-coming visual and video artists and photographers. The ING Collection Great Britain consists of modern figurative painting by British artists.
Guided tours

Upon request. Contact Architectour (020-6259123) for more information. Tours are only being given in the head office Amsterdamse Poort.

Art collection website
  • Konrad Schiller and Erica Shiozaki, Re: Society: 40 Years of ING Engaging with the Arts, 2014
  • Sanne ten Brink, Magic Realism, Past toward Contemporary, Seoul, Korea, 2012
  • Sanne ten Brink & Anne van Lienden, Natuurlijk, Nederlandse figuratieve kunst, 1970-2010, Assen, 2010
  • Flavio Arensi, Annabelle Birnie, Yildith Della Coletta, Caroline Vos, Realismo Olandese, Allemandi & C.Spa, Torino, Italië, 2008
  • Michel Tilmant, Annabelle Birnie, Art in the Office, Zwolle, 2006
  • Annabelle Birnie, Harry Tupan, Painted Reality, Krakau, Polen, 2004
Exposition space

ING organizes exhibitions in the ING Cultural Centre in Brussels around  Belgian and international art(ists).



ING is main sponsor of the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), the Kunsthal (Rotterdam), Drents Museum (Assen) and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Furthermore ING supports De Ateliers and Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York and is main partner of Unseen Amsterdam and initiator of the ING Unseen Talent Award.

Works on loan
  • Jaap Scheeren, De Appelvangproef, Museum Mesdag Den Haag, 2016
  • Awoiska van der Molen, #373-7, FOAM Amsterdam, 2016
  • Erik van Lieshout Untitled, Wiels Centrum voor Hedendaagse Kunst, Vorst (België), 2016/17
  • Gerrit Willem van Baaderen, Moeder en kind wandelend door een dorp, Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar 2017
  • Matthijs Röling, Lente; Winter; Herfst; Zomer en Tuin (spoorzoekers), Museum Wierdeland, Ezinge, 2017
  • Caspar Berger, Zelfportret 5, Kunstfestival Watou (België) 2017
  • Koen Vermeule, Dome, Kunsthal Rotterdam, 2017
  • Katja Novitskova, Approximation (5dl5.0 chimera surface ligand, fruit fly), Biënnale Venetië en KUMU Art Museum, Tallin (Estland), 2017/18
  • Pyke Koch, De Oogst, Centraal Museum Utrecht, 2017/18
  • Dick Ket, Sint Nicolaas stilleven, Museum More, Gorssel, 2018



  • Thomas Albdorf
  • Saskia Noor van Imhoff
  • Krištof Kintera
  • Bigert & Bergström
  • Matthew Day Jackson
  • Pere Llobera
  • William Monk
  • Matthijs Röling
  • Markus Selg
  • Carel Willink
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I Made This For You & Remember When I Made This For You, 2016
pigment print on baryta paper, mounted on Aluminium-Dibond, framed with non-reflecting glass
80 x 59 cm en 59 x 49 cm

ING — Thomas Albdorf

  • I Made This For You & Remember When I Made This For You, 2016
    pigment print on baryta paper, mounted on Aluminium-Dibond, framed with non-reflecting glass
    80 x 59 cm en 59 x 49 cm

  • # + 21.00, 2016
    C print on aluminium
    42 x 59 cm (2x)

  • Nervous Tree (small II), 2013/2014
    electromechanical sculpture
    209 x 122 x 110 cm

  • Reverse Osmosis Plant, 2013
    UV-printed photo on vinyl foil, acrylic spheres, low energy lights
    140 x 88 x 100 cm

  • Lumpenproletariat (Alive), 2010
    wood and plastic
    244 x 74 x 74 cm

  • Untitled, 2016
    oil on canvas with collage elements 
    164 x 131 cm

  • Morning Smoke, 2016
    oil on canvas
    270 x 240 cm

  • Autumn, 1975/1976
    oil on canvas
    90 x 80 cm

  • Refuge (Ganvie), 2014
    film frame, 3 displays / sublimation print on fabric, in total four parts
    210 x 120 cm

  • Girl in Renaissance Dress, 1945
    oil on canvas
    135 x 85 cm

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